Our Beloved Breweries

Our Beloved Breweries

Here in this great state of Wisconsin, if there's anything we appreciate, it's beer. We may be the dairy state and people may call us "cheeseheads," but let's be real: ask anyone and they'll immediately be able to tell you their favorite brewery to which they owe undying loyalty. 

We partner with four breweries, currently, but our loyalties are undivided. They're all great, and among their soaps we'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite (our advice is that you try them all, of course - both beers and beer soaps).

We'll never forget, however, the brewery that gave us our first break and sealed our fate as a beer soap maker.  We'd made a goat milk + beer soap and we loved it, but we knew we could do more if we could use a truly top quality brew - as it turned out, a Barn Brew. Last summer Soap Guy stopped by Amery Ale Works on a whim, a moment of "if you don't ask you'll never know," and met Jenna, the dauntless proprietor. Jenna knew a good thing when she saw it, and chose four different Barn Brews to make four different goat milk + beer soaps to start. To this day, Amery Ale Works carries our largest lineup of goat milk + beer soaps (7 in all). Jenna was the trailblazer, and her instincts were good - quickly the Amery Ale Works soaps became our bestsellers.

Well, it turns out most brewery owners are smart folks, and lo and behold, Hop & Barrel (Hudson, WI), Balsam Lake Brewery & Market, and Agonic Brewing (Rice Lake, WI) joined our family of goat milk + beer soap brewers. Look for our soaps in their merch shelves and on their websites, and of course, here on our website!  

Why goat milk + beer soap: our soaps that combine beer and goat milk have become our most popular line. Goat milk nourishes, exfoliates, and cleans without stripping skin's natural moisture barrier, while the amino acids and B vitamins in beer fortify and soften skin and hair (that's right: this bar does it all - a shampoo bar that's great for face and body, too). It's an unusual combination, but we think it's a match made in heaven!

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