Welcome to Dayspring Farm!

When our kids were born, caring for creation suddenly took on a whole new meaning for us. We wanted everything about their world to be better, healthier, safer. We cooked them food from scratch, moved them to a farm in the country where the air was fresh and nature was abundant, and started producing our own food ingredients (a garden, dairy from our own goats, pastured poultry...)

But skin is our largest organ and it's permeable to so much. What was gentle enough, nourishing enough, safe enough for that delicate, soft baby skin? It was hard to find. On top of that, it turned out our kids had especially sensitive skin. A couple of them had eczema that didn't seem to respond to any changes - we took away certain foods, laundry detergents, slathered them with ointments. After Annie's fourth pregnancy, she developed eczema too!

It took several years to find the answer, sometimes with the choice to wash with water alone because no soap was sufficiently gentle. Then a friend made us some soap using the milk from our goats' milk. Eureka! It was so gentle, non-drying, non-irritating - dare we even say perhaps it left their skin feeling better after a wash? And most importantly, even miraculously, everyone's eczema...disappeared.

She taught us to make our own raw goat milk soap and Dayspring Farm Soap Company was born. Obsessively we experimented with formula after formula, studied ingredients and fatty acid profiles, tweaked and fiddled and adjusted until finally...we discovered our perfect soap recipe. It was too good to keep to ourselves, and here we share it with you.

Simple, real, clean. Just a few ingredients, gentle enough to use every day, nourishing enough to leave your skin feeling better after a wash than before. Goat milk soap has always been known for its luxurious feel, and now you can have a little soapy luxury of your own.

Care for creation, starting with your body.

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