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"Mocha Valencia" - Artisan Goat Milk Soap for Chefs and Fishermen

"Mocha Valencia" - Artisan Goat Milk Soap for Chefs and Fishermen

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Do you love to cook but don't love your hands smelling like you just roasted an entire bed of garlic? Do you love to fish but prefer your hands don't smell like the inside of your catch? Maybe you're a mechanic wishing your hands didn't smell like used motor oil. We are here for you! You wash your hands a ton, so you need soap that doesn't strip your natural oils away and something that maintains your skin's protective barrier - look no further than goat milk soap. You also want those odors out, and the blend of orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils combined with just enough coffee grounds to be pleasantly exfoliating (not scratchy!) will make your hands feel and smell great.

Introducing our Mocha Valencia Artisan Goat Milk Chef's (and fisherman's and mechanic's and gardener's, but we couldn't cram that all into the label) Soap. We named it "Mocha Valencia" after one of Annie's favorite drinks - coffee, cocoa, milk and orange. This soap feels as delicious as a Mocha Valencia tastes. Real coffee in the soap neutralizes odors and can even relax you and improve your mood. Raw goat milk gently cleanses and moisturizes, and has been shown to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties (can your hands be too clean when you're the cook?). Orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils further deodorize and leave your skin smelling fresh and clean. As always, free of weird ingredients, petroleum distillates, sulfates and parabens. Choose 4 oz or 5 oz size.

Ingredients: saponified tallow, lard, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, fresh raw goat milk, brewed coffee, orange and cinnamon leaf essential oils, coffee grounds, table salt (increases soap bar hardness and shower life). See notes about our soap ingredients here.

Please note this is a handmade item - color and shape may vary, but we are meticulous about product weight accuracy. We find our soaps last a good long while (despite being put to hard testing by a family of 7!), but all bar soaps will last longer if allowed to drain well or even dry out between uses.

Notes on the "pickup" option: you may choose to pick up on farm at 2770 County Rd Q in Clear Lake (we will email you with pickup window choices when your order is ready) or at an upcoming market. Our farmer's markets this year include:

Amery Farmer's Market: 3pm - 6pm Mondays

Eau Claire Farmer's Market: 7:30am - 1pm Wednesdays

Barron Farmer's Market: 2pm - 8pm Thursdays

New Richmond Farmer's Market: 8am - 1pm Saturdays


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