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Goat Milk and Beer Trio Gift Pack

Goat Milk and Beer Trio Gift Pack

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Three of our favorite goat milk + beer soaps: "Slainte," "Hold My Beer," and "Goats in the Orchard," all in one pack, wrapped up and ready to give! Three 4 oz soaps come in a beautiful sectioned kraft box with clear window, tied with a gingham ribbon.

Slainte 4 oz Goat Milk + Beer Soap: 

Some people are surprised to hear of using beer in soap, but beer has probably been used in skin care since it was invented. Beer makes your soap delightfully bubbly, is naturally anti-microbial, fortifies skin and hair with B vitamins, and the amino acids in beer leave your skin and hair unbelievably soft. While all of our bars can be used from your head to your toes (hair, face, body), this is our favorite for hair - it makes it so shiny! Add our raw goat milk for additional moisture and nutrients, and it's everything we ever wanted in a soap! Made with Amery Ale Works Red Kolsch. Because your suds are better when you add some "suds" to them.  We'd describe this soap's fragrance as a sweet vanilla spice, with a sandalwood note. Is it a pro or a con that it doesn't smell like an actual beer? As always, free of weird ingredients, petroleum distillates, sulfates, and parabens. 


Hold My Beer 4 oz Goat Milk + Beer Soap: 

The fragrance of "Hold My Beer" is a sophisticated blend of worn leather, suede, and rosewood with a little note of tobacco for good measure. We almost named this soap "Dad's Handkerchief Drawer" in memory of Annie's dad who smoked a pipe when she was little. As always, free of weird ingredients, petroleum distillates, sulfates and parabens. 

Goats in the Orchard 4 oz Goat Milk + Beer Soap:

The leaves are changing, the mornings are cool, the sky is bright, and the goats are in the orchard! Goats make a great cleanup crew and they turn those fallen apples into delicious milk for this artisan goat milk soap. Combine that milk with gorgeous craft porter from Wisconsin's own Amery Ale Works and you've got the world's most perfect soap. Amino acids and B vitamins in beer soften and fortify skin and hair (yes, this is a great shampoo bar!), and goat milk nourishes, moisturizes and gently exfoliates.

This soap smells like apples, spice, and everything we love about Autumn. As always, free of weird ingredients, petroleum distillates, sulfates and parabens. 

Goat Milk + Beer Soaps Ingredients:

Ingredients: saponified tallow, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. Raw goat's milk. Beer. Fragrance. Table salt (increases soap hardness and shower life). See notes about our ingredients here.

*Note: Please consult your hairstylist for guidance on best cleansing practices for treated or colored hair. If one of the above soaps is not available, an equivalent beer soap may be substituted.*

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