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Dayspring Farm Soap Company

Soap Sampler Packs

Soap Sampler Packs

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So many soaps, so little time! Until we invent smell-o-vision, choosing your favorite scent over the internet may seem like an impossible task. We have a solution for you! Soap sampler packs: four 2 oz soaps in five different assortments, a risk-free way to try out all our wonderful Dayspring Farm soaps. These also make great travel-size soaps, and a pretty gift option. Each sampler pack contains a total of 8 oz of soap. Each soap is individually labeled, so when you're ready for a big bar your favorite will be easy to find!

Choose from:

Classic Goat Milk-Only Sampler 1

  • Country Wild Rose
  • Farmhouse Lavender
  • Summer Sunflower
  • Milk & Honey Oatmeal

Classic Goat Milk-Only Sampler 2

  • Winter Woods
  • Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Unscented
  • Mocha Valencia Chef's Soap

Goat Milk + Beer Sampler 3

  • Slainte
  • Hold My Beer
  • Goats in the Orchard
  • Red Cedar

Goat Milk + Beer Sampler 4

  • Goodnight Mercury
  • Morning Haze
  • St Black
  • Minnesconsin

Goat Milk + Beer Sampler 5

  • Stump Bay Stout
  • Angler's Amber
  • Wobbly Goat
  • Candy Cane

Goat Milk + Beer Sampler 6

  • Pirate Goat Boat
  • Hoppy Ending
  • What's The Big Dill?
  • Weebinator
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